2014 EVENTS:
Holly Bourne, Non Pratt and James Dawson - 30th October
Becca Fitzpatrick - 15th November

About Us


We are Gemma and Bex and we're booksellers for Waterstones. We're based at the Birmingham High Street branch. Gemma runs our children's department and events, so if you're looking for something new to read and you just happen to be browsing around the store, talk to her and she will find you something perfect. Or you can come and find me on the Ground Floor.

We are massive YA geeks and passionate Booksellers. We read a lot and talk about it in the staff room, swap books, spend a stupid amount of our free (unpaid) time writing reviews and tweeting on our Twitter page. Gemma also co-runs our store's Facebook page, the Kings of Geekdom. Not only does it cover YA, but also crime fiction and science fiction/fantasy. Go give it a like!

After we held our very first and very successful Mortal Instruments fan party we decided that we wanted to extend our reach to more of our customers and YA fans. We wanted to give you more from our world: author Q&A's, competitions and the chance to have more of a say in what you would like to see in store in our Teen section.

We love to hear from you, whether it be constructive criticism, book related queries or because you want to be involved in what we're doing. Send us an email here.

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