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Monday, 9 March 2015

10 Questions... With Gary Meehan

Monday, 9 March 2015

1. Describe your new book in 3 adjectives.

Funny, exciting, traumatic (for me, if not the reader).

2. What were the challenges of writing this novel?

True Dark's the second of a trilogy so the hard bit was trying to make it a story in itself rather than just a bridge to third part. There's also the problem of not repeating what happened in the first book (True Fire), which means inventing a whole new raft of situations for your characters to escape from.

3. Which new up and coming authors do you like?

I hugely enjoyed Non Pratt's Trouble last year. I'm a great admirer of Alexia Casale and awaiting her second book, House of Windows, with much anticipation. And, as a fellow practioner of the getting-girls-into-hair-raising-situations genre, albeit way better dressed, there is Sarah Sky and her Jessica Cole books.

4. Who is your favourite character in your book?

Damon, because I can give him all the lines I'd never say in real life. He also has a certain ... moral flexibility that makes him interesting to write. While we all like to believe we'd react to horrible situations as Megan and Eleanor, but most of us'd be like Damon, running away and weasling out and doing the right thing only as a last resort.

5. Do you have any weird writing habits?

Not a habit as such, but I usually end up in a battle with the cat for control of my chair and my hands. And typos you find in my books I'm blaming on a feline friend head-butting my hand as I'm trying to type.

6. We've had vampires, witches and demon hunters – what do you think will be the next YA trend?

I feel the need to add a disclaimer at this point that my witches aren't real witches; we even changed the title (from The Witch Mothers) to emphasise this. :-)

As for upcoming trends, I don't know. However, I do think the big YA space opera has yet to happen. We've got Star Wars Episode VII coming at the end of this year, plus the third of Star Trek reboots and the continuing popularity of Doctor Who. I can see that spilling over into the book world. It may even be the thing that drags more boys into YA.

7. If your novel were to be adapted would you prefer movie or TV series? Do you have a dream cast?

While TV is where it's at these days for well-written drama, I still find there's something magical about the whole cinema ritual. When the lights go down and the curtains roll back and screen starts shimmering, I want to see the words "based on a book by Gary Meehan".

8. Why do you think YA fiction is so important?

It gets teens read and enjoying books, asking questions, and discovering that no matter what they're going through someone else has been there too and understands. (Obviously, True Fire is there for pregnant teens who have been hunted the length of the country by bloodthirsty fanatics.)

9. What can you tell us about your next project?

It's the final part of the True trilogy, provisionally entitled True Power. We find out if and how Megan wins the war against the witches, and if and how Damon wins the war against his conscience.

10. Recommend your novel in one sentence:

For readers who love dark humour, thrilling adventures and moral complexity.

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