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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What Makes You The Biggest Fangirl/Fanboy?

Wednesday, 28 May 2014
We're giving you the chance to win a copy of 'Landline', the new book by Rainbow Rowell, 2 weeks before its publication! Two runners up will win a goody bag from us with YA related awesomeness and Fangirl notebooks.

All you need to do to enter is write a paragraph about what makes you the biggest book fangirl/fanboy. You can include pictures of your book collections, the weird things you've had signed, the people you've met or the craziest thing you've done to meet your idols.

For example, my colleague Jane and I went to a talk with the author Deborah Harkness. I was so cool about it. I even wore my exclusive bookseller 'A Discovery of Witches' tshirt and sat on the front row. Jane and I asked loads of questions and then I got ALL my books signed (I have about every edition you can get in them including advance proofs). We've now been invited to the book launch of the final book in the trilogy so we're geeking all the way to London to meet her all over again! Oh, and we got to go out for a meal with Laini Taylor...

I'm sure you've all gone to much further lengths than meet to meet your idols. And if you haven't met anyone yet, don't worry, you can still enter. Tell us why you loved the book 'Fangirl' and Rainbow Rowell and we will post your entries too.

Send your entries to: Competition ends on 20th June, and Landline is released on 3rd July.

Winners will be chosen at random and all entries will be available to read on the blog after the closing day, so make sure they're funny!
Don't forget our branch (Birmingham High Street) is also running an offer that you will get Landline for £10.99 (instead of £12.99) if you pre-order. You can do this any time up until the day before it is released. It is also the best way to make sure you can get it on the day.
You can read my review of Landline here, and Sofi's review of Fangirl here.


  1. Too cool. Love the casual drop of "oh we had a meal with Laini Taylor" :)

    1. Haha! Thanks! Laura if you enter this I have no doubt yours will be so awesome.


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