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Saturday, 3 May 2014

REVIEW: A World Without Princes - Soman Chainani

Saturday, 3 May 2014
PAGES: 448
PUBLISHER: HarperCollins
FORMAT: Paperback
BUY IT: Waterstones
RATING: 4 Stars

It's all happy ever after in the School for Good and Evil...or is it? The second title in the NYT bestselling fantasy adventure series - perfect for girls who prefer their fairy tales with a twist. After saving themselves and their fellow students from a life pitched against one another, Sophie and Agatha are back home again, living happily ever after. But life isn't exactly a fairy tale...When Agatha secretly wishes she'd chosen a different happy ending with Prince Tedros, the gates to the School for Good and Evil open once again. But everything has changed and a happy ending seems further away than ever...

I LOVE this series!

World Without Princes picks up the story of Agatha and Sophie and focuses on their happily ever you'd expect if you've read Book 1 (and you need to have for this book to make sense) all is not as it seems and quite quickly the situation becomes more dangerous.

They soon find themselves back at the School for Good and Evil and tensions are running high as Agatha and Sophie's actions have caused a chain of events that no-one was anticipating and now they must decide where their TRUE loyalties lie in both love and friendship. 

In essence this is a wonderfully refreshing take on the fairy tale genre; it takes what you know and turns it on it's head and is full of unexpected twists. The writing is vividly cinematic (and yes, there will be a film of book 1 in 2015ish, the plot is brilliant and the each character is individual and genuinely adds something to the story. I can't wait for book 3!

- Gem.

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