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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Messenger of Fear - Michael Grant

Wednesday, 16 April 2014
From Michael Grant's website:

If you’ve been bad the Messenger will make you live your worst fear…
Are you afraid of cockroaches? Tight spaces? High places? Needles? Premature burial? Chthulu? Kittens?
The Messenger knows your secret weakness, the fears that can drive you to madness.

- - -

Love Michael Grant? Now that the Gone series is pretty much finished it's time for something NEW. Introducing the Messenger of Fear series - Grant's new project! You can click on the picture below to read the first two chapters, basically 500 words. It sounds AMAZING.

There's a pretty cool countdown clock on Michael Grant's website.

We can't wait for this - how flippin' awesome does it sound?! It's due to be released on 28.08.14 and you can pre-order it in store from June with a £3 deposit. You might even be able to win some pretty awesome goodies...

 Comment below when you've read the extract and tell us what you think!

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