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Thursday, 24 April 2014

GUEST REVIEW: Shift - Jeff Povey

Thursday, 24 April 2014
PAGES: 368
PUBLISHER: Simon and Schuster
FORMAT: Paperback
BUY IT: Waterstones
RATING: 3 Stars

Get ready for one apocalyptic detention. These misfits are going to save the world! Meet Rev, Billie, the Ape, Johnson, GG, Carrie, the Moth and Lucas, a motley crew of bickering teens who find themselves totally alone in the world after a strange power surge hits their classroom during detention. With no answers as to why or how the rest of the world has disappeared, the mismatched group is soon facing a bigger nightmare than they could ever imagine… Standing between them and the only way home are lethal duplicate versions of themselves, super powered teenagers who will kill anyone who gets in their way. Our unlikely heroes must somehow work together to save themselves… or they'll never see home again. SHIFT is the first in a fast-paced, page turner of a series, filled with action, adventure and humour. Perfect for fans of Michael Grant, Charlie Higson and Antony Horowitz and for anyone who loves Misfits or Shaun of the Dead.

This book is definitely not one that I would normally pick up, and even after reading it, I still am not that fond of it- but it was exciting to read nonetheless. 

Shift tell the story of 8 'misfits', Rev, Billie, the Ape, the moth, Johnny, GG, Lucas and Carrie (the names and nicknames were quite interesting), who are all in after school detention, unaware that in just a matter of a few minutes they will have to rely on each other to survive. They are pretty much strangers at the beginning of the book, but a few of them grow quite close as the story goes on. The book starts off with the teenagers being introduced, and then it is quite clear from the start that the Ape will be quite a character. When a sudden burst of light appears, the teenagers find themselves alone, they scoured ever inch and crook of the town they live in, but there is no one there, except for the ones who were in that room (excluding the teacher, who managed to leave just before 'it' all happened). 

The plot of the book is quite exciting and original, and the characters very extravagant. For me, I found that some of the characters were very over the top at times and hard to associate with. The book didn't offer great character development either so when a few of them were in unfortunate events, I didn't really feel or care for them. 

The romance in the book is not the main focus, but it does dominate a lot of the actions that the characters take. I did feel that the 'love' and 'liking' aspects were a little unrealistic at times due to the character's age, but I guess when you find that you are the only normal people left in the world, you’d cling onto the first person you see. 

I'd have to say though, my main criticism would be that the book took place over 48 hours- it definitely felt a lot longer than that, and I don't think all the events that happened could take place over so little time. 

Even though this was not an amazing, eye opening book- it kept me reading and wanting to know what will happen. Whether I will be reading the sequel or not, that's a mystery. The ending did grab me though, so I am a little curious as to what will happen next. 

- Maryam.

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