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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Coming in May

Saturday, 12 April 2014
Here's a preview of the great books coming in store in May. Are any of these on your wishlist? You can preorder any of them in the Children's section for a £3 deposit, or Reserve and Collect them from our store when they are published to receive the website price. Click on the pictures to find out more. Please note that these are all paperback releases, so some may have been out already been out in hardback.

If you preorder Cassandra Clare's CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE for a £3 deposit in store, you'll be automatically entered into a draw to win a goody bag of £30 worth of books chosen by us. And we have fabulous taste... What are you waiting for??

Here's our stores chosen top picks for the month:


You must must must look out for WE ARE LIARS. It's going to be HUGE. You heard it here first...



You can read Gem's reviews for Tease here and The Worst Girlfriend in the World here.


  1. I am reading my review copy of Raging Star at the moment!!! I also have Riot! :D xx

    1. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them.

  2. What a fab range of YA books! So excited to see Alex As Well in there.

    Ann (Curious Fox)


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