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Sunday, 10 November 2013

10th Anniversary Cover and Sequel For Anne Cassidy

Sunday, 10 November 2013

It's been 10 years since Anne Cassidy published her YA modern classic, Looking For JJ and to celebrate Hot Key Books are reprinting with a new cover and an exciting sequel.

Looking For JJA gripping and emotionally searing novel from a talented author, Looking for JJ explores the circumstances and motives behind the murder of a child - by her friend. Six years later, JJ has now been released, and has a new identity. But is there any way that she can lead a "normal" life?

Finding Jennifer JonesKate Rickman seems just like any other nineteen-year-old girl. She goes to university, she dates nice, normal boys and she works in her local tourist office at the weekend. But Kate's not really normal at all. 'Kate' is in fact a carefully constructed facade for a girl called Jennifer Jones - and it's a facade that's crumbling fast. Jennifer has spent the last nine years frantically trying to escape from her horrifying past. Increasingly desperate, Jennifer decides to do something drastic. She contacts the only other girl who might understand what she's dealing with, breaking every rule of her parole along the way. Lucy Bussell is the last person Jennifer expects any sympathy from, but she's also the last person she has left.

In the Hot Key Blog, Emma Williamson notes:

When I finished reading Anne’s final draft of Finding Jennifer Jones, it was one of those goosebump moments. So much about Jennifer and her life, past, present and future, is revealed. I found it a richly rewarding and hugely thought-provoking window into Jennifer’s life. Looking for JJ and Finding Jennifer Jones are not so much two separate books as one incredibly satisfying story – albeit a story that has taken 10 years to write. But don’t good things happen to those who wait?

You can read more over at the Hot Key Books blog.

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